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Studio Raphaël Lutz 2022

RK01 is a sculptural design object with a strong influence of fascination and contemplation. Among its many features, RK01 combines high-precision mechanics with ultra-precise woodworking and manual sizing of the main tube.

A cross that is intertwined in several locations to come together as one unit and radiate as one is represented by RK01 (Rohr Kreuz 01), a decorative element of four parts of Switzerland. A hand-made steel crown holds the half-wood, half-metal assembly of 72 Swiss oak slats together. The combination of galvanized steel and oak slats represents the meeting of yesterday and tomorrow.

The entire project, comprising 161 pieces, was made by talented craftsmen in Switzerland. Metal-System prepares the tube in Echandens; Junod & Clerc Mécanique in Le Locle designs the crown, dome, and the small assembly parts; First Industries in Crissier applies the chameleon powder coating; LAPORCH manufactures the wood machining and final assembly in Moudon; CDF Emballages makes the transport boxes in La Chaux-de-Fond.

This project's strength lies in a single concept: "nothing can fall, but everything can break". The parts are strong when put together, but delicate on their own. 

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We simplify interactions between property managers, tenants, co-owners and service companies.

Tayo is the best property management platform for sharing information, communicating efficiently and automating simple tasks.
We develop our platform with the same dedication, precision and originality as RK01.

team-1 Tayo software

Our presence at IMMO 22 marks the official start of our expansion in German-speaking Switzerland and inauguration of RK01.

RK01 is a proposed physical and tangible representation of Tayo-Software's know-how. Each branch of the cross represents a part gathered in a solid centre: managers, owners, tenants and suppliers or the German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland.

As of today, you can make an appointment with Beat Siegenthaler, our director for this area of Switzerland, to discover the best real estate management platform, created and managed 100% in Switzerland, from the innovation park of the EPFL.

Studio Raphaël Lutz


Studio Raphaël Lutz provides many different perspectives on design, technology, and society by means of developing an innovative series of products and experiences.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of experiments, with a wide range of materials and innovative techniques, we aim to take on the mainstream approach to objects and imagery.

We have forged partnerships with existing marques, offering our knowhow on commercial works and research across product and spatial design, creative direction, and consultancy.

Studio Raphël Lutz


BUY RK01 - Limited edition of 9 pieces worldwide

Studio Raphaël Lutz and Tayo will produce 8 additional pieces to allow collectors of fine objects to own a limited and numbered edition.

The selling price is the same as the amount we paid: 15'000 CHF including VAT

Except that you don't bear the costs associated with Tayo's creative team, who imagined RK01 with the Lausanne-based designer.

A waiting list for reservations is created on a first come, first served basis. It is possible to personalise the object (tube colour, wood type and engravings).

Less than a week after IMMO 22, a major media campaign is organised throughout the world, in the well-known artistic and technological centres (Silicon Valley, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, etc.) to present the project - you are therefore in front of a preview.

A fee of CHF 100 is required to be put on the waiting list.

The amount of the reservation will be refunded to all those who booked too late.